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"Those we love never truly leave us.
There are things that death cannot touch."

— Jack Thorne —

If you believe you are harsh to the people around you and you feel that you should say them something nice, but somehow you can’t find the confidence in you to do so; leave your message here with us and let us be your ambassador. Several generations of men and women have left behind their beliefs, apologies, stories untold. Today, we have changed that fact. We made it possible to leave messages, stories, explanations and have them delivered to specific audiences even after one’s death.


Why use Messender?

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  • If you are worried about not making it to a significant event in the future (birth, wedding, funeral, etc.), let us be your messenger by delivering your message when you are long gone.

  • calendar
  • If you want your message to be delivered at a specified date in the future; this can be a special day in the future, such as some close friends’ birthday or your wedding anniversary in 5 years.

  • clock
  • If you want to have a message delivered immediately after you are deceased. Messender will send it once the fact of your death is confirmed by your trustees.

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We don't have complicated plans, just one everybody can afford

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  • Unlimited trusties
  • Unlimited recipients
  • 5GB cloud storage
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