About Messender

The truth is, anything can happen to anyone at any time.

And death is certain, but the date of your death is not.

As the Messender Team, we truly believe no one should miss an opportunity to leave a message - a precious heritage that would enable the sender's legacy live forever among his loved ones even after he has long gone.

This is the sole reason that gave us the inspiration to build Messender to give people the right tool to digitally store their wishes for their loved ones in the form of text message, photo, audio and video to be delivered at a desired date or at a specific event time in the future.

Once you have stored your messages and specified the delivery details you can be virtually assured that the rest will be all taken care of by Messender. We will make sure your recipient(s) will get the messages exactly as instructed earlier by yourself, when you are long gone.

Death is unexpected and inevitable. Every single life is worth to remember. Whatever you leave here with us will cherish the people who celebrates your presence among themselves. So, while there is still time why not leave your legacy to your closest people or your heirs who would miss your presence whenever they remember?