How Messender works

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1. Sign up

Get started right away. As soon as you sign up for an account we give you a 30-day free trial. No credit card information required. You can upgrade to a premium account anytime.

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2. Add Your Recipients & Trustees

Recipients are people whom your future messages are intended for.

Trustees are people who confirm your death when the day has come and trigger the release of your messages to the recipients.

Add your recipients and trustees by entering their information or select them from your phone contacts.

datebased eventbased
3. Create & store your messages to be delivered in future

You can leave future messages for your loved ones to be delivered on a specific date or when a significant event happens whose date is unknown yet.

Messages can be date based or event based.

Date based messages are delivered automatically on a specific date you decide.

Event based messages are delivered on the day of an expected future event. If you are gone by that date, release of these messages will be triggered by the trustees you appointed.

settings passcode
4. Keep your messages secure

You can keep your messages even more secure in the app level by enabling passcode lock from settings.

5. Help people that are close to you by becoming their trustee

Trustees are essential for event based messages. Without them we have no way to know if someone is alive or passed away.

A Messender user that you know might ask you to serve as his trustee on Messender. If you agree, you will help him with his wishes by reporting us if he is alive or passed away. You do this in "Report a Death" section.

We might also ask you to trigger the release of his messages as that is the only way we can know the specific event that should trigger his messages has happened.

6. Set the time period to tell us how often we should check with you if you are doing ok

Messender has a built-in system that detects user’s inactivity by means of tracking his activities on the platform. Once we detect that a user has been inactive within the time period (inactivity period) he set earlier, we will send the first proof of life email/notification to ask him if he is still alive. If he fails to respond to the first one, we will wait till the end of next period and send the next email/notification. If he fails to respond within the third inactivity period, we will send the third email/notification to his trustees to ask them if he is still alive.

If a user was reported as dead by at least 50% of his Trustees, his event based messages will be marked as deliverable. If at least 50% of Trustees triggers the release any of his messages, we will deliver it to recipient(s).

We reset everything and mark user alive in the following scenarios:

  • User logs in to Messender app or website
  • User clicks the link in the “proof of life” emails
  • At least one of his trustees marks him as alive